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Vision, Mission and Strategic Directions

Vision, Mission and Strategic Directions of the Foundation “United Women” Banja Luka


United Women Banja Luka is nongovernmental, non-profit foundation established on 16 August 1996 in Banja Luka, as the association of women citizens. During 2012, Association “United Women” initiated transformation from an association of women citizens into foundation, in line with current Law on Associations and Foundations (Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina, No. 32/01). Transformation has been completed with the decision of the Basic Court Banja Luka, No. F-2-2/12 from 3 April 2012, “United Women” Banja Luka exists as a non-profit foundation.


Vision: Woman aware of her power, equal, respected, employed, and happy.

Mision: Foundation United Women Banja Luka is committed to the lives of women and children without violence and increased impact of women in public and political life through the promotion and protection of women’s human rights in BiH.


Strategic Directions:


  • Prevention of violence against women
  • Strenghtening role of women at decision making positions



Professionalism at work

We work in teams, professionally and responsibly, with the educated staff.

Persistence and consistency

Long-term commitment to the vision. When we start something we finish it.

We adhere to the feminist principles in our activities.

We empathize with all the problems of women and children.


Readiness to organize and act at any time in order to overcome various forms of discrimination against women.

We support each other and act together with partner organizations and individuals.

Commitment to the protection of women’s human rights

Focus on the needs of women and children. We ask for their opinion and value it in our work.